Sunday, June 29, 2008

thunderstorms galore

The weather is still thundery and there is still too much moisture in the air. The kiln has been on though to bisque and to help dry out the studio and pots. I finally managed to get the pieces painted but it took me 4 times as long. I have some wall pillows to make next then its down to glazing. I job I avoid to the last as I have to wear mask, gloves, goggles all day long.
Its a glam job!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The weather here in canada has been really mixed for June. right now it is very wet which means my work is taking forever to dry out. I often build up several layers of slip on my work and it is taking many hours for the layers to dry: the problem? I have my biggest show coming up in 2 weeks time. The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and I am still making work!!!!! The weather is not helping, too much moisture in the air which has slowed the process down to a stop.
When the sun comes out, so does the work. here I am trying to dry the bowls during the sunny spells outside my studio.

Lesley McInally

Lesley McInally
Well, here I am in the gallery Drift on a wet and thundery saturday afternoon trying to get to grips with the new blog: here goes.