Saturday, September 6, 2008

Opening Success

The Opening night was better than expeced!
2 years in the planning and the opening night finally arrived. It was wonderful to see so many friends, fellow artists, curators and buyers mingle in the gallery with one another and enjoying our hard work

I must admit that I couldn't concentrate on anything until i gave my opening speech and said the thank yous publicly. (I was shaking in my shoes) We then presented 6 awards to 6 lucky potters.......Then I hit the bar!!!
In all seriousness though, I think the turn out was huge with many of the artists involved happy with the display of their work and lots of beautiful comments on the art were flying about happily in the air. The Fairy dust worked!
Congratulations to all the artists who won awards (myself included) and I hope that if you have not had a chance to see it then go along as it is on until the 28th of September. More info contact:Toronto Potters.

Many thanks to the following: Ontario Arts Council for a grant which allowed us to have this exhibition, Emma Quinn and her staff at the Ontario Crafts Council for hosting the exhibition and all their generous help, Shauna Cake for her brilliant catalogue design, Janna Hiemstra for all her constant help and support.
Dale Roddick for his photography, Frank Longobardi For constant support to many potters, Gardiner Museum and our sponsors; Tuckers pottery supply, Pottery supply house, Spectrum, Fusion and the Ontario Craft Council.

Set Up for the Exhibition

On Tuesday 2nd we spent the full day setting up the exhibition.
What a daunting task it seemed but as we all discussed what would work where and we began placing the first pieces in the window it all began to flow and come together. By the end of the day we had an exhibition.
I would like to thank the exhibition set up helpers and fellow potters; Cory Pinassi, Wendy Vervoort, Kim Harcourt and Chiho Tokita. I would also like to thank Janna at the OCC for staying late as we sprinkled fairy dust (attention to detail)!!