Saturday, September 6, 2008

Set Up for the Exhibition

On Tuesday 2nd we spent the full day setting up the exhibition.
What a daunting task it seemed but as we all discussed what would work where and we began placing the first pieces in the window it all began to flow and come together. By the end of the day we had an exhibition.
I would like to thank the exhibition set up helpers and fellow potters; Cory Pinassi, Wendy Vervoort, Kim Harcourt and Chiho Tokita. I would also like to thank Janna at the OCC for staying late as we sprinkled fairy dust (attention to detail)!!


michelle said...

The show looks great Lesley!! I wish I could have been there......!!

Kipik said...

You have so much control over your surfaces (texture, colour, form...) I could stare at it all day!