Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Orkney Series

Taking inspiration from my last travels to Scotland I created some new vessels in time for my summer shows. I think this is the beginning of a whole new body of work and I am excited about where it will lead me.
Inspired by the cairns, chambers and monuments discovered around Scotland I have tried to capture the spirit of these ancient dwellings brought to our attention through archaeological digs and in some cases, violent storms which uncovered Neolithic remains.
Brian Reiser was the wonderful photographer for these pieces and I would like to thank him for helping to produce such a stunning portfolio for my recent Orkney Vessels.
"The Entity"


ang said...

super cool...great pics too.

Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

absolutely lovely..want to touch them!

Kipik said...

You were inspired by the canadian winter 2 years ago.. now it's back to your homeland, Can't wait for the result!