Sunday, August 17, 2008

And so it begins again.

Well, after all the shows in the summer its time to get back into making stock for the next shows coming up in September, working on the commissions from customers and giving a fresh supply of ceramics to the galleries in Toronto.....Just when you think you can take a breath..... it starts all over again!
Still, I love getting back into the studio and playing with all my new ideas.
As most of you will know i love Surface. I have 2 different ways of working: I love to make marks in the clay then stretch the clay until it is incredibly thin, this way of working lets the clay "Speak for itself". Textures appear on the surface that no human hand could have created. Only the gravitational pull of the thrown slab and the clay body can create this. There is such a sense of freedom in the slabs and each one has its own voice... this is when I am able to have a conversation with each piece of clay and reconstruct the slab into a finished piece of work.
My other way of working is to use the surface of the clay as a canvas. Here my printmaking days come back to me when I etch markings and drawings into the clay then build up the image and story with layers of oxides, stains and slips. The finished result is a vessel with a story, and as always it is about places, times and weather!


michelle said...

Great post...It gave some insight into your relationship with clay.....I love the photos...

Kipik said...

that's exactly how i feel when I see your pots, this relationship between process and form, between you and clay, you and nature. it must bring you a lot of joy!