Monday, August 18, 2008

Silent Voices

Tomorrow I leave for a trip up to some friends cottage in the Bruce peninsular. I have never ventured that far west. I am so excited to go and be on the beach which apparently is very rocky, (oh no, I will end up with pockets full of stones!) I will be taking the camera and shooting as much of the scenery as poss. Hoping that a wee canoe trip will happen and a well earned break, this usually charges me up to making again.

This photo is of 2 pieces which came out of the kiln bisqued. I don't often like my work whilst they sit in this stage, waiting for their "skin" to be applied but when the sun came through my studio window the light flooded into the pieces showing the circles that had been cut when the clay was still wet. These pieces are now finished and have set off to their new home (fellow potter Cam Fisher) who has promised to photograph them for me as I never managed to do it in time. I look forward to seeing the photos of the finished vessels but still enjoy their quiet haunting voices after bisque.
I would like to work on more openings within the vessel in order to play with light.
Perhaps the trip will trigger something....


Tara Lynne Franco said...

Nice to see the update on your blog. I too love the way the light is filtering through these photos. Ah, the Bruce Peninsula - totally gorgeous. If you are near Bruce Peninsula national park you should check out Cyprus Lake part of the Park and then head to the edge of the escarpment. The clear blue waters are gorgeous. Very cold but worth the dip in. If you go through Wiarton and stop at Tim's Smith's studio. Enjoy!

Emily said...

They are stunning Lesley.
Have a wonderful time out west- happy rock collecting.